lundi 15 mars 2010

Hello Spring

Hi everyone , what an amazing weather(Paris) , this winter has been very painfull for all of us , i know , but everything's gonna be ok now , i promise !!! And to get are selfs propely into spring vibe , i give you one of my faverite 2010 discovery.
As once every month i was searching for interesting records rue faiderbe in paris. As i was checking out some "michel Legrand" records when the guy from the shop played this awsome music wich instantaneously submerge me with a feeling of peace and freedom... The track was from this guy out of the early 70's , a certain Lou Bond. Researching Lou Bond's story is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without any idea of the image you're trying to create. Lou is like a thunderstorrm after a long drought...He is refrenshingly necessery. it is for people who are tired of the mundaneness of the sounds of our current music market.
Just listen and don't worry , it's all gonna be ok...

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